About Tucor Inc

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In 1995, Tucor Inc became the first US based company to bring proven and reliable European 2-Wire-Decoder controller technology to the North American irrigation control industry.  For over twenty years Tucor Inc has continued to develop and introduce industry leading, unique and innovative irrigation control products.

Tucor Inc is proud to provide its customers with products and expertise alongside a robust network of distributor and installer partners that guarantee the completion of a successful project every time.  We support your project every step of the way from concept through specification, bidding and construction to make sure that you get the right irrigation control system for your projects unique needs.

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Tucor Inc continues to push the envelope when it comes to 2-Wire irrigation control technology.  The recent introduction of the Total Cycle Management concept (which uniquely and proactively uses soil moisture and ET data to schedule irrigation) and the Hybrid 3D product (which allows you to add flow sensors, master and traditional valves to a controller over existing wires) speaks to Tucors commitment to the irrigation industry and moving controller technology forward in new and exciting ways.