Hybrid 3D

Hybrid 3D updated 041416web.

The Hybrid 3D is a simple yet powerful, plug and play device that allows you to:

  • Add a Master Valve and Flow Sensor to any irrigation controller* using existing wires.
  • Add 1-24 new valves** to your existing system without running new control wires.

Introduction to the Revolutionary Hybrid 3D

Hybrid 3D Quick Start Guide for adding a new flow sensor & master valve to an existing wire path

Hybrid 3D Quick Start Guide for adding new valves to an existing wire path

Hybrid 3D Quick Start Guide-How to check the quality of an existing wire path


The Hybrid 3D empowers your water conservation efforts by helping you measure and evaluate the impact of your water conservation based irrigation system upgrades.

The Hybrid 3D a simple, cost effective solution to the potentially complex and costly problem of running new dedicated control or communication wires/cables.

*Host controller must have Flow Sensor & Master Valve capabilities.
**Host controller must have station capacity available via a module or terminal connections for control of additional valves

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