LTD (2-Wire) Controller

green energy concept, plant growing inside the light bulb with waterThe LTD is a high value, decoder-based, 2-Wire controller with a station and scheduling capacity of 1-50 Stations and 10 programs.

The LTD can operate up to 12 Stations simultaneously and run 10 Programs concurrently.

The LTD uses the highly reliable RKLD-050 programmable line decoder, which can be used with any commercially available solenoid and can be addressed and tested at the controller/handheld programmer.

The LTD also has integrated 2-Wire diagnostic tests for decoder operation and 2-Wire path condition.

Beyond the controllers high core value further advanced features include the following:

  • TCM – Total Cycle Management capability via IntellisET functionality utilizing Historic ET, Soil Moisture Sensor and Tipping Rain Bucket data.
  • Learned Flow capability.
  • FloStack™ – Program stacking based on station flow rates for up to 10 simultaneous programs.
  • FloGuard – Alarm and control options based on flow monitoring
  • WebTurf– Basic Remote Control app for smart phones but no full blown Cycle Manager Web Connectivity or Control.

Tucor LTD 2-Wire Controller Brochure

Tucor LTD Controller Quick Start Guide

Tucor LTD Controller User Manual

Tucor LTD Controller Installation and Troubleshooting Manual