RKD 100 Station 2-Wire Controller

RKD Controller.RKD Decoders.

RKD Spec Sheet (PDF) >>

The RKD is a stand-alone, decoder-based, 2-wire controller supporting from 1-100 Stations (valves). It can operate up to 12 Stations simultaneously and run 10 Programs concurrently. The RKD uses the RKLD-050 programmable line decoder, which can be addressed and tested at the controller. Integrated diagnostics test for decoder operation as well as the 2-wire path conditions.

Extraordinary flexibility for this inexpensive 2-wire controller is ensured by:

  • Mist Manager – Valve operations controllable in 1 second increments
  • FloStack™ – Program stacking based on flow for up to 10 simultaneous Programs
  • RealNet – Real-time, Internet-based water management via GPRS wireless or LAN connections
  • Intelliset – Smart irrigation using a host of ET-based capabilities, based on:

RKD User Manual (PDF, 10 MB) >>
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RK-RFA-200 Remote Control