RKS+ 100 Station Conventional Controller



Retrofitting? No problem! In addition to our two-wire controllers, Tucor also offers the RKS, a conventional controller perfect for projects that require retrofitting existing systems.

The RKS conventional controller is designed to convert conventional systems to Tucor’s innovative Total-Cycle Management system. The RKS supports from 1-100 valves, operates up to 12 stations simultaneously, and can run 10 programs concurrently. Our unique Add-a-Zone program allows you to add stations one at a time as your system grows. The RKS’s simple, intuitive programming comes with a wealth of controller capabilities. Having the same features excellent two-wire RKD, the RKS includes:

  • Mist Manager – Valve operations controllable in 1 second increments
  • FloStack™ – Program stacking based on flow for up to 10 simultaneous Programs
  • RealNet – Real-time, Internet-based water management via GPRS wireless or LAN connections
  • Intelliset – Smart irrigation using a host of ET-based capabilities, based on:
RKS-NLC100-S Satellite Sell Sheet

Available in 25-station modules, up to three 25-station expansion boards can be added to the base controller via hard wiring or wirelessly with Tucor’s own ZigBee-based mesh radios.

Download the RKS Tech Spec

Download the RKS User Manual (10 Mb pdf).