RKW+ Wireless Controller

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2017-tucor-rkw-tribridThe RKW+ is a Wireless Controller with a station capacity of 1-100 stations and 10 programs.

The RKW+ can operate up to 12 Stations simultaneously and run 10 Programs concurrently.

The RKW+ Controller has a core 25 Station capacity that can be expanded to 100 stations via the connection of up to 3 additional 25 Station Extenders via hard-wire or radio.

The RKW+ can accommodate a mixture of traditionally wired valve connections from the core controller and wireless extenders or it can wirelessly connect to single valves within a 6 mile range.

The RKW+ communicates to the wireless valves via a 900mHz radio gateway built into the controller.  The field receiver unit which interfaces with a latching solenoid is powered by a *5 year lithium Ion battery and can be placed up to 6 miles from the gateway with good line of sight and/or relay radios.

The RKW+ can also wirelessly connect to soil moisture sensors/probes, weather station, rain sensor, master valve and pump start.

The RKW+ is a TriBrid Controller allowing for Wired, 2-Wire and Wireless Connections on the same controller.

Beyond the controllers core wireless capabilities additional advanced features include the following:

  • TCM – Total Cycle Management capability via IntellisET functionality utilizing Historic ET, Soil Moisture Sensor and Tipping Rain Bucket data.
  • Learned Flow capability.
  • FloStack™ – Program stacking based on station flow rates for up to 10 simultaneous programs.
  • FloGuard – Alarm and control options based on flow monitoring
  • Web Based Control– WebTurf Remote Control app for smart phones, Full Web Browser access via the Cycle Manager web software and Real-Time Virtual Controller Faceplate control.

RKW Architecture

dsc_00502016 Tucor RKW+ Wireless Controller

RKW+ Schematic Layout

*5 Year estimate based on single latch on and off everyday.  Battery is replaceable.