SMS 100

The Tucor Soil Moisture Single Sensors and Multi-Sensor Probes are some of the very best soil moisture sensors available on the market today.


They are fully potted and encapsulated in high-density resin plastic and have no metallic or porous parts to get corroded, blocked up or fall out of calibration.


Both Tucor devices use FDR Capacitance technology and scan the soil for an extremely accurate and repeatable volumetric soil moisture reading.


The Tucor Probes come in 8”, 12”, 16”, 20”, 24”, 30”, 48” and 60” lengths and are easily installed with minimal disruption of the surrounding native soil profile.  This is particularly important in terms of how representative your soil moisture reading is of the surrounding soil profile.


Most single sensors that are dug into the soil profile disrupt the surrounding profile by the nature of their installation.  The Tucor single sensor is designed with a blade for a smooth shovel cut installation minimizing soil profile disruption and resultant erroneous readings.


The Tucor Probes are installed into an Augured hole that’s only slightly wider than the probe itself.  This enables the probe sensors to scan about two inches out into the adjacent undisturbed and therefore representative soil profile.



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