TWI-H & Super Decoder


The Tucor Super Decoder allows you to easily retrofit any older control architecture where you have a master controller managing satellite controllers that are interconnected via a “Daisy Chain” communication wire path.  The Tucor Super Decoder is unique in the industry and has been specifically engineered to bring all the benefits of a 2-Wire control system to a traditional wiring environment.  You can even used abandoned copper telephone cables to “Daisy Chain” existing control locations together.  The Tucor Super Decoder is an extremely versatile and dynamic retrofit solution.  From a hardware perspective Super Decoders are basically 12 or 24 2-Wire field decoders built into a single board with traditional station terminal outputs.

.Dameged computer in a green container, isolated.Super Decoder Sell Sheet.

Super Decoders are the perfect retrofit solution for many of the older “daisy chained” central control systems out there that do not support web based communication or 2-Wire control.  You can simply remove your old traditional controllers from their cabinets and “hot swap” them with a Tucor Super Decoder.  The existing traditional valve control wires are simply wired into the built in terminal strip and you’re ready to go.  The Super Decoders will then communicate back to your TWI controller (which is capable of managing up to ten POC’s) over the existing “daisy chain” communication path.   This upgrade enables you to use the Tucor web based Cycle Manager software and Mobile App on your tablet or cell phone while also allowing the use of the Tucor TCM soil moisture/ET data scheduling solution for the ultimate in water use efficient irrigation scheduling.

Super DecoderSuper DecoderSuper Decoder Schematic.

The TWI-Super Decoder combination is an awesome and easy upgrade that’s a perfect way to inexpensively get the modern web based control interface and technology you crave while reusing your existing infrastructure such as communication wire paths and stainless steel cabinets.

Super Decoder

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