TCM Monitoring & Control


The Tucor Total Cycle Management system is unique in that is uses Weather/ET data and Soil Moisture Sensors.  The soil moisture data collected via the Tucor multi sensor probes or single blade sensors “Ground Truth” the estimated ET replenishment rate to deliver the ultimate in water use efficient scheduling.  In addition to this unique capability sensor data can be logged and used to generate soil moisture profile graphing.  This graphing identifies soil moisture content throughout the profile and the upper and lower extents of the root zone and associated moisture reservoir.

Tucor control systems allow you to precisely measure the volume of water coming into your system via high definition flow sensors and then prove out your water use efficiency by recording the effective use of that water within the soil profile.  Know that you’re not wasting water by seeing it!  It’s like an X-Ray for your soil profile and very unique in the commercial landscape space.

Plant Material whether the largest tree or smallest blade of grass exists in both the aerial and subterranean environment, as a result it just makes sense to take data from both when scheduling irrigation.

Soil profiles can be extremely complex in their physical content, structures and stratification.  Using Weather/ET data alone to estimate soil moisture loss from an infinitely complex soil profile is not an exact science.  By the same token using single point soil moisture sensor data alone is also potentially problematic.   Problems include the potential negative over influence of a broken irrigation device next to a sensor or the incorrect placement of the “representative” sensor both spatially and in regard to depth.  The Tucor multi sensor probes are similar to the probes typically used today in modern agriculture and they go some way to mitigating the issues noted above.  That said they are still best used in combination with ET data to initially establish a sweet spot in terms of a balanced irrigation regime and data to maintain it.

The details of the ET and Soil Moisture calculation devices that Tucor offers to support this unique approach to irrigation scheduling are detailed in the left hand menu under the Tucor ET Calculation Devices and Tucor Soil Moisture Calculation Devices sections respectively