Tucor LD Decoders

Field Decoders.2-Wire.

The Tucor Decoders are the original and the best 2-Wire Decoder on the market today.

The Tucor LD Decoder is a tried and tested device that has been reliably used on many sites for almost 20 years

The Tucor LD Decoder is a flexible, universal way to interface and control most of the 24 Volt Solenoids on the market today.

The Tucor LD Decoders come in one, two, four, and six solenoid capable models.  There is also a one address and two solenoid version available for situations where you have the same irrigation regime/run time required such as large adjacent turf areas.  These larger multi solenoid capable Tucor Decoders are useful when deploying at a control valve manifold reducing the number of required wire connections.  Valves can be placed within 400′ of a large Decoder connected via regular #14 gauge irrigation wire.

Tucor Sensor Decoders can be used to interface many different types of sensor with the 2-Wire path eliminating the need for dedicated sensor cable runs.

Tucor Surge Protectors should be used to mitigate the impact of any lightning strikes.  It’s recommended that a Tucor Surge Protector be installed every eight decoders or every 500′ whichever comes first.  The Larger Tucor LD decoders come with a surge protector and grounding wire built into the Decoder.

Tucor LD Line Decoders

Tucor Sensor Decoder

Tucor PD-100 Pump Decoder

Tucor SP-100 – Surge Protector