TWI-H 200 Station 2-Wire Controller

green energy concept, plant growing inside the light bulb with waterThe TWI-H 2-Wire Hybrid Controller is an updated and web connected version of the TWC-NV Controller.

The TWI has the ability to connect and manage up to ten points of connection/flow sensors.

The Controller comes installed with either a 12 station or 24 station Super Decoder which has a traditional output terminal strip alongside a full 2-Wire path output.

You can “Daisy Chain” multiple Super Decoders back to the TWI for an easy retrofit of older non web connected central control system.  In addition you can add wired and wireless soil moisture sensors and weather station data the control platform to take advantage of the (Patent Pending) Tucor Total Cycle Management solution.

The TWI is our most dynamic controller, there’s very little it can’t accommodate from an irrigation and/or reclaimed water control standpoint.

TWI-H Brochure

PB-RFA-100V3 Remote Field Access Unit