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RealNet Remote Access

Bring Smart Irrigation with you, anywhere in the world, with Tucor’s RealNet Remote Access Platforms.

RealNet’s flexible & user-friendly web interfaces bring real-time irrigation data & control to any web-enabled device. From a water manager looking to optimize water usage to a field technician needing to test a valve, RealNet’s three integrated platforms provide the right level of management to all levels of irrigation stakeholders.

Features that Matter

Enjoy real-time sensor & alarm indicators, customizable email and text alerts, an easy-to-use wet-check feature & more!


Use one universal platform to remotely manage RK+ & TWI controllers from anywhere device with a web browser.

Review & Report

Report water usage, review if irrigation was interrupted, and more with RealNet’s report feature. Simply export your results as a .csv file.


Tucor’s Cycle Manager+ is your all-in-one management platform with the simplicity of access from any browser. Make program & station changes, view real-time flow data, export monitoring & water usage reports, and read & react to alarms on virtually any web-enabled device.


MobileManger contains all the features you need for on-demand troubleshooting and field work. With Tucor’s MobileManager, you can view real-time data, manually run stations & programs, and react to controller alarms.

Virtual Controller

Access your controller & navigate the display in real-time, from anywhere in the world with Tucor’s unique Virtual Controller platform! With Tucor’s Virtual Controller, you can remotely train field technicians, validate CycleManager+ data & access controller-only functions without the inconvenience of having to go to the physical controller.

Controllers using Tucor’s new SERVLINK line of communication products connect to the internet via web browser*.

General Features:

  • HTML Responsive Web Design
  • Authentication: Multiple logins supported
  • Reports: Type and configuration dependent on controller model.
  • Universal Action:
    • Controller mode change
    • Program modification
    • Station & program start/stop
    • Station addition/edit
    • Sensor addition
    • Alarm set

Summary Connectivity 

  • MQTT Server
  • TLS 1.2 encryption (PSK-AES128-CCM8)
  • Native DHCP, static may be enabled
  • Compatible Browsers: Google Chrome (preferred), Safari, Mozilla Firefox. Note: Internet Explorer is not supported.


For customers using ethernet (SERVLINK-E), the following network requirements must be met:

  • A valid internet connection. International internet traffic to and from Denmark must be allowed.
  • The SLE has been assigned an internal IP address, gateway IP, DNS server address etc. This is typically performed by the DHCP server in your router if using a dynamic internal IP addressing scheme.
  • DNS to lookup IP of
  • Network open for outgoing traffic on port 443 (DNS & NTP only).
  • NTP access (Optional, for timestamping the internal log. Not needed for function.)


RealNet Subscription

Tucor’s RealNet is billed yearly by controller type and type of connection. A one-time activation fee is also applied.

To access Tucor's RealNet Products:

  1. Verify your controller make & model
    • Compatible models include TWI, RKD+, LTD, RKS+, RKD and RKS. Contact Tucor for compatibility questions.
  2. Select your method of communication
    • Cellular (SERVLINK-AIR)
    • Ethernet (SERVLINK-E)
    • Cellular Gateway (WIN-400)
  3. Purchase our yearly access subscription
  4. Complete your Realnet Form to activate your subscription & get started!

RealNet Form

New to RealNet or have RealNet account changes? Please complete our brief RealNet form!



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  • Remote Water Managers
  • Municipalities
  • School Districts
  • Property Managers

Smart Irrigation
From The Ground Up


Smart Irrigation
From The Ground Up