RK+ Line

Tucor's RK+ Controller Line combines all the intelligence & features you need in an irrigation controller with an easy-to-use interface.

With Tucor's RK+:

Calculate best watering practices with ET/MAD, Weather, or Water Budget-based Watering.
Communicate controller data or control remotely via cellular (CATM1), ethernet & ethernet radio.
Validate results with historical reports.

Total Cycle Management

Tucor’s patented Total Cycle Management concept uses soil moisture data to correct ET values for a truly intelligent water management system.

Scale Over Time

The RK+’s modular & simple design allows you to grow your system overtime from 1 to 100 zones in a high-value controller with an easy-to-use local and remote interface.

Quality You Can Trust

Since 1995, Tucor has provided top-quality decoder & control products for many industries.

Model - RKD+
RKD+ 2-Wire Controller
  • 100 station capacity
  • Uses programmable RKLD-050 decoder
Model - LTD
LTD 2-Wire Controller
  • 50 station capacity
  • Uses programmable RKLD-050 decoder
  • Can be expanded to 100 zones
Model - RKS+
RKS+ Conventional Controller
  • 25 station controller with extensions that combine up to 100 station capacity
  • Wirelessly connect from extension to extension
  • 2-Wire add-on options from 6-48 stations


  • Programs: 10, Sequential with Program Overlap supported
  • Program Correction: Water Budget & Remote Weather, ET, & Soil Moisture (requires RealNet subscription)
  • ET: Three options for ET-based control for varying levels of management (Weather, ET calculated & ET automatic)
  • Patented Total Cycle Management: Regulate ET values with high & low moisture bounds
  • Mist Manager: Irrigate in seconds for nursery applications
  • Cycle & Soak: Set regular periods of irrigation pause within a program to prevent run-off
  • Flow Sensors: 1 via direct connection
  • Flow Features:
    • FloGuard: High Flow, Low Flow, Flow Deviation & Unscheduled Flow alarms with built-in actions
    • FloStack: Program stacking based on real-time flow values for up to 10 simultaneous programs and system capacity.
    • Learned Flow program
  • Master Valve: Yes, N/C & N/O

Decoder & 2-Wire

  • Output Decoder: Programmable (Valve, Booster, N/C Master Valve “MV” or N/O Master Valve “NOM”), Single-output
  • Simultaneous Station Run: Up to 12 (10 + Master Valve & Booster Pump)

Remote Access

  • Communication Options: Standard Cellular, Cellular Gateway, Ethernet
  • Subscription: Yearly subscription “RealNet” required

For a complete list of possible products, please consult our At-a-glance catalog.

Controller Models

2-Wire Models

RKD+   Tucor 100 Valve Center Dial 2-Wire Decoder Controller in 12x12x6 Polycarbonate enclosure.

LTD   Tucor 50 Valve 2-Wire Decoder Controller in 12x12x6 Polycarbonate enclosure.

RKLD-050 Single address decoder for RKD, RKD+ & LTD controller models. Requires programming


Conventional Models

RKS+   Tucor 25 zone, Center Dial Conventional Output Controller (must add RKS-Z zone count, individually priced) in 12x12x6 Tucor Polycarbonate Enclosure

RKS+24BZ   RKS+ 24 Station Controller Bundle. Includes LTE-M Modem (SERVLINK-AIR) and 25 Zone License Key.

RKS+ 50BZ   RKS+ 50 Station Controller Bundle. Includes LTE-M Modem (SERVLINK-AIR) and 50 Zone License Key, CON-25 & 12x20x6 Stainless Steel Enclosure

RKS-EXT   Tucor 25 zone extension Enclosure for in 12x12x6 Tucor Polycarbonate enclosure




SERVLINK-E Tucor SERVLINK E web module, ethernet-only version.

SERVLINK-AIR web connection module. CAT M1 (LTE-M) connectivity.

WIN-400-A Tucor 4G LTE Cellular Modem (AT&T). For applications using ET-300-W-N Weather Stations or Wireless Extensions

RKD-RFA-200-A Tucor Radio Field Access transceiver for RK+ handheld radio

RFA-HH-VHF Tucor Handheld radio with DTMF keypad for RK+



UFM-XX – Ultrasonic flow meter in 1-4” sizes with removable insertion

SMS-100 Tucor Single Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor with 13' of cable for direct connection to the RK & RK+ Controllers

ET-300-W-N  Tucor Solar powered weather station. Includes connectivity bridge to Tucor controller (LAN-100).



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  • Universities
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  • Municipalities
  • Nurseries
  • Greenhouses

Smart Irrigation
From The Ground Up


Smart Irrigation
From The Ground Up