The property management team at The Villages Country Club Community in San Jose, CA wanted to add flow management and protection to their site. Unfortunately this was a challenge because the flow sensor locations were all physically separated by some distance from their associated controller locations. This challenge would traditionally involve the expensive and disruptive trenching of a dedicated flow sensor cable and control wire for a master valve through the existing landscape.

Our Answer 

Tucor Product Used:

  • Tucor Hybrid 3D-6
  • 3DLD-050 Single Output Decoder
  • 3D-FMV-M Combination Flow & Master Valve Decoder

Map Screenshot The Villages

The Tucor Hybrid 3D creates a dynamic 2-Wire bridge over existing ground wires or the “Transition Valve” from the controller location to the flow sensor location. This connection provides a stream of real-time flow data to the host controller to monitor flow and activate the shutdown of the irrigation system if leaks are detected. The Hybrid 3D-24 also allows for the addition of up to 23 new irrigation stations. The Tucor Hybrid 3D Control assembly was successfully used to easily connect 109 controllers at the site to a flow sensor and master valve over existing ground wires.

This unique and innovative device removed the need to cut or bore under asphalt and sidewalks while also reducing the need for expensive new trenching and rewiring.

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