Harmony, PA – November 1st, 2023 – Tucor today announces the IA Show release of the NLP 2-Wire Controller, their first release of a new control product in nearly 10 years. Tucor’s NLP Controller blends flexibility, scalability, and powerful features in a controller that can accommodate any commercial site’s needs. With the NLP, Tucor introduces a brand-new generation of intelligent decoders, the NG-series, that are packed with powerful features and are 2-Wire protective.  

Advantages of the NLP include: 

  • A retrofit-friendly design that operates legacy Tucor decoders (RKLD-050, LD-series) as well as the new NG-series 
  • An all new, web-based NLPNet software platform allows controller updates in real-time with enhanced alarms, reporting & user access logs 
  • A robust & solenoid-protective 2-Wire System operates up to 500 valves, 125+ sensors with 60 simultaneously active valves 
  • Bi-directional NG decoders with enhanced short protection & troubleshooting diagnostics 
  • Server-based weather data for simple Weather correction or full MAD-based irrigation 
  • Support of up to 20 flow sensors & 100 mainlines & optimizes hydraulics  
  • All NLP hardware and software functions are available via API (REST/JSON) 
  • On demand data back-ups and over-the-air firmware updates 

“From day one, our #1 priority with this development was to take care of our existing customer base & give them a simple path forward,” said Larry Sarver, Founder & President of Tucor. “We knew the NLP needed to be compatible with all our legacy Tucor decoders, so the fact that customers keep their existing decoder investment & still gain access to the new NG Decoder technology is huge for us. What excites me now are the possibilities. The NLP’s unique design really opens the way for new opportunities, including sensor-heavy applications, software/hardware integrations, and Building Maintenance System applications. We have not even scratched the surface of where this controller can take us.” 

Tucor is now fulfilling orders for select Tucor customers and NLP Insiders. The NLP will be available to the broader market beginning November 29th, the beginning of the Irrigation Association show.  

For more information on the NLP, join our NLP Mailing List or contact us today.  


About Tucor: 

Since 1995, Tucor’s mission has been to provide top-quality water management products that solve problems & measurably conserve customer resources. With 7 patents, Tucor has been the “first” to introduce many innovations to the commercial irrigation industry. As a family-owned & operated small business, we take pride in our products, customers & employees and strive for excellence in everything we do.